Fuel cost  v.

The program is used to calculate the cost of fuel burned by a

Meeting Cost Calculator  v.

Ever wonder how much a meeting will cost your company? This app allows you to quickly calculate how much a meeting costs in terms of salaries in the room.


ProjectViewerReport Baseline Cost Report  v.1.0.0.

This software allow you to add the Baseline Cost Report to Project Reader, the viewer for Microsoft Project.

Drilling Cost  v.1.0

The Drilling Cost provides to the drillers, toolpushers, drilling engineers, students and other professionals in the petroleum industry a productivity tool helpful in drilling operation to calculate the drilling cost per length unit drilled, analize

Roofing Cost

It's time for a new roof. The old one is looking shabby, with damaged shingles or dents from hail. You pick up the yellow pages, call a few roofing companies, but the question lingers in your mind. What is a fair bid? How do I know what I should pay? And

Payroll Services at Best & Brassier Cost  v.2.0

You are businessman in UK and want to expand your business and try to adopt payroll services.

OLSR with Link Cost Extensions  v.0.3

The OLSRd software as available from www.

Low-cost-life-insurance-wallpaper  v.1.00

Automatically change your computers desktop wallpaper with our new,

Car Trip Cost Calculator  v.

Helps you keep track of how much it really costs to drive places in your car. Uses distance and fuel consumption rate to determine fuel costs, and also accounts for maintenance costs. You can save as many 'trips' as you like, and can see how much

TeleMedMail Low-Cost Telemedicine  v.1.0

TeleMedMail allows doctors to send secure clinical cases via email, alleviating the shortage of specialists in remote areas.

Car Logbook Pro

Car Logbook Pro tracks the use and cost of vehicles. It supports multiple vehicles and drivers. It needs Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1. The shareware version is fully functional and free for trips but it excludes purchases. It is compatible with Car

Smartworks-PE trial

Smartworks-PE is a cost effective business productivity tool which helps you to manage projects , track issues and measure the progress in each of your business activity. Smartworks-PE includes award winning ProjectPlanner,Smart Tracker and Meeting

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